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Book show season is starting!
Book show season is starting!

The fall season is full of events and book shows in which we will take part. We are very excited to go and share our stories with you, listen to your stories and discuss about the book series. If you have a chance and if we are in your area, please take a second to stop by and say hi, we would love to talk with you.

We will soon be participating in an event called l’Eco-Festival in Bouctouche on September 9th, 2022 at the Bouctouche Farmers’ Market from 5pm till 8 pm. We will display our book series and some other books that the author wrote.

Then we will be going to the book fair in Dieppe, NB from October 20 to the 23rd, 2022. To get more information about the book fair please visit:

Afterwards we will be taking part of the Book Fair in Rimouski which is held from November 3 – 6, 2022. We will be arriving on November 4th to ensure our family and son requirements for the weekend are met before taking part of the event. To get more info for that event, please visit:

And then, finally, finish it off with the book fair in Montreal, which is held on November 23-27, 2022. We will show up on Friday and be there for all week-end. More information here:

Come and see us, buy some books, talk about your experiences, get connected. Looking forward to meet you there.

A new free app for My friend Sam
A new free app for My friend Sam

A new application offers augmented reality for the book “My friend Sam plays with Damian”.

This application is available for Android tablets for now and is free.

Here is a video demonstrator of the application:

The people of Studio Vent d’Est have made the decision to offer this application for free. They take the mission of the “My Friend Sam” books to heart and offer children and parents alike the opportunity to interact with Sam and Damian as they manifest in 3D on your android tablet. This new technology therefore allows children to admire the illustrations in interactive ways and to see their characters in motion.

Watch our Sam contemplating the book with the app itself:


To download the free app, you can do so by clicking on this button:


Studio Vent d’Est had so much fun working on the project and are so keen on sharing the message of autism awareness that they are looking to create a new project with the third book titled: “My friend Sam goes to school “. They also want to develop the application for the iOS version. To do this, they need software to which they do not currently have access.

The idea is this, they are asking for your help to keep the app free, to do this we will start a fundraising campaign on Gofundme. This campaign will help keep the app free so children can benefit from augmented reality for their books. We therefore ask for your help in carrying out this project which increases the experience of reading the book for children.

To learn more about how you can get involved in fundraising to help develop this app and help raise awareness about autism, click on the following link:

Studio Vent d’Est a new innovative company
Studio Vent d’Est a new innovative company

We were approached by a new Acadian company that produces augmented reality for publication tools. In order to make a full AR experience, they approached us to build it. They worked hard and with a lot of passion they realized a full AR experience which surprised me with its ease of use and the additional interaction that this augmented reality adds to books.

Here is a video that demonstrates this amazing software: