I really like how it’s written, my daughter, who is not on the autistic spectrum, do not always understand what is happening with her younger sister, these books explain what autism feels and the language used is simple. Thank you !

Marie Pierre Doucet,
Mother of an autistic child.
Bathurst, NB.


I think these books are very important, the autism spectrum is sometimes difficult to explain to people, even more so to children, these books explain it in a simple and precise way, in a context that children understand.

Tracy Furlotte Maltais,
Director of CAAFC center. CAAFC and parent
Bathurst, NB.

Hello, I am a Grade 3 teacher for 8-9 year olds and a mom of 3 children aged 8,10 and 12. I really enjoy the books “My friend Sam” for their simplicity and the awakening side of autism. These books are very suitable for undergraduate students. In Grade 3, they can generate beautiful discussions on the autism syndrome and guide our reactions towards the children who live with them. My children enjoyed reading these books and recognized some classmates there. My students also appreciate these works for their images and simple explanations. Autism is such a vast spectrum, the manifestations are so varied that these small pictorial books give our pupils pointers and guide them towards greater openness. Thank you for this great contribution to education

Renée Hardy
3rd Grade teacher
École Emmanuel Chénard
Deux-Montagnes, QC.