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The new cover is here
The new cover is here

Finally reaching the final steps of publishing book number 5. This one has been a tough one to finish as illustration number 2 took me a while to color as there are so many elements showing in it. Also, while in the midst of production, my business got busier as we got closer to Christmas.

But, I am proud to say that all illustrations are done, covers are done and they are currently being reviewed by Renée so that everything will be perfect.

Thank you so very much for your support and please share this story as it will reach a lot of people and help me spread the word about these books. I really want to make these books available in all the schools, hospitals, kindergarten and autism centers in the country.

I am looking forward to the launch of this book as it talks about the importance of making specific changes so that our kids and people on the spectrum get to have the same experiences as the majority.

Looking forward as well to your comments and testimonies of this book series and how it affected your child. Please leave me a comment that I could use to feature on this site, if you please. Reach me here.

Thank you, the release date will be posted shortly.

And away we go with number 5!
And away we go with number 5!

I just finished drafting the fifth book. This book will present the benefits of the sensory friendly viewings offered by Cineplex theatres. Cineplex Entertainment and Autism Speaks have signed an agreement to provide a once a month viewing experience for families with a member diagnosed on the spectrum, it has been going on for a year and a half.

These presentations allow the children to stimulate and be totally comfortable during the showing. Parents are also very comfortable since they do not have to worry about their children. That is, they do not have to fear that the behavior of their child would disturb the representation. This feeling is not a common occurrence among autistic parents.

Cineplex gave us referrals and they even helped with fundraising. We greatly appreciate their involvement in the project.

The fourth book is here!
The fourth book is here!

My Friend Sam goes to the Farm

In this book, Sam learns how to communicate and make himself understood by a horse. Just giving simple commands, Sam learns that he can express what he wants the horse to do and that this horse will obey.

Horse Therapy has been proven to help kids on the autism spectrum with self-confidence, motor skills and communication skills.

This book is available now through and

[button color=blue-button url=”” size=”medium-button” target=”_blank”]Purchase the book on[/button]
[button color=green-button url=”” size=”medium-button” target=”_blank”]Purchase the book on[/button]

Here is a brief preview of the book: