A children’s book presenting the different struggles that kids, who are diagnosed with autism, deal with everyday.

These little books are part of a series of 30 books that will explore the different levels of the Autism Spectrum. Being an autism dad myself, I have been inspired to show our youth what autism is all about. To my knowledge, there is close to no children’s book that talk about autism. This series has the target market of kids between the ages of 5 to 8 years of age. The plan is to have this book available throughout the country within a year, so that all kids get to learn about autism. The book is 7 inches by 7 inches, has a glossy cover and contains 26 pages. It is available in both official languages.
A book on bullying
A book on bullying

In this books, Sam meets Chantale, an adult who lives on the spectrum of autism just like him. Chantale decides to share her story on being a bullying victim when she was in school.

Sam learns a lot and he his happy to make a new friend who lives the same and also different experiences as him. He also learns about Chantale’s experiences while she was a child.

Thanks to Chantale Audet, who allowed us to share her story in pour books to teach kids about autism and bullying.

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Preview of the book:

New statistics for Canada
New statistics for Canada

Just saw this graphic today. This graphic shows just how important the books are for our children. These stats may only be for Canada, but I am pretty sure that all other countries are close to these results.

Spread the word in your schools, doctor’s office, we need to spread autism awareness in our kids and one of the ways to do this is to have the book series in their libraries.

I’ll just let the graphic do the rest of the talking.

Float therapy
Float therapy

It is with great pleasure that we will present the benefits of float therapy for children on the autism spectrum, in collaboration with Kini Wellness, for the 7th book.

These baths allow children to censor sounds and all the visual elements that surround them.

This type of therapy is relaxing for children on the spectrum who are constantly attacked by hyper-sensory conditions.

We are excited that Kini Wellness decided to partner with us for the creation of this 7th book.