A children’s book presenting the different struggles that kids, who are diagnosed with autism, deal with everyday.

These little books are part of a series of 30 books that will explore the different levels of the Autism Spectrum. Being an autism dad myself, I have been inspired to show our youth what autism is all about. To my knowledge, there is close to no children’s book that talk about autism. This series has the target market of kids between the ages of 5 to 8 years of age. The plan is to have this book available throughout the country within a year, so that all kids get to learn about autism. The book is 7 inches by 7 inches, has a glossy cover and contains 26 pages. It is available in both official languages.
Inexplicable phobias
Inexplicable phobias

In this book, Sam is feeling under the weather. His dad hands him a tissue for him to wipe his nose, which he does very quickly. His dad is very happy with what Sam just did there, because there was a time where Sam did not even want to look at a tissue.

This story shares about the battle that Sam had with his tissue phobia. It was not all fun and games. It took Sam 11 years of is life to conquer that fear.

This book also is the beginning of Sam’s involvement in the creation. He illustrated, not once, but twice, the tissue monster.

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Preview of the book:

Thanks to UNI Financial Cooperation
Thanks to UNI Financial Cooperation

We would like to thank UNI Financial Cooperation for their generous donation to help in the production of the books. This gift will be well invested in the publication.

It is because of donations like this, that autism awareness, with the help of these books, is possible.

Thank you for investing in the development of our youth.

MedicAlert Foundation Canada
MedicAlert Foundation Canada

Autism Canada has partnered with MedicAlert Foundation Canada to create a unique program designed specifically to support Canadians on the autism spectrum and provide peace of mind to families and caregivers. Autism isn’t always recognizable to those who don’t know the signs, and this can make those on the spectrum particularly vulnerable in an emergency situation.

Here is how the program works:

  • The program is available to all Canadians on the autism spectrum.
  • Subscribers provide MedicAlert with the relevant personal (routines, triggers and de-escalation techniques) and medical information (allergies, medications) emergency responders need in an emergency
  • The program includes a special offer that entitles new subscribers to receive:
  1. One-year subscription to MedicAlert service
  2. Free unique Blue and Red MedicAlert Autism Program ID and Shoe Tag
  3. Free Shipping
  4. Free Registration
  5. No Tax
  • The cost of the program to new subscribers is only $60


Key reasons why the MedicAlert Autism Program is the right choice for individuals on the autism spectrum:

  • Voice in an emergency – if an individual with autism is unable to effectively communicate, MedicAlert tells emergency responders what they need to know and empowers them to make informed decisions
  • Designed to rigorous medical standards – MedicAlert’s medically trained specialists ensure that all information on the MedicAlert ID adheres to globally accepted medical standards that are critically relied on by emergency responders
  • Critical assistance in seconds – MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Hotline relays key medical and personal information to emergency responders within an average of five seconds of a call, in 140 languages
  • Family notification – MedicAlert will notify family of the situation and whereabouts of the subscriber at the time of an emergency
  • Educates emergency responders – MedicAlert specifically trains emergency responders including police and paramedics to look for the authentic emblem, read the information and  call the 24/7 Emergency Hotline
[button color=blue-button url=”https://www.medicalert.ca/autism” size=”medium-button” target=”_blank”]Get more information here[/button]